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A Time of New Beginnings

Chie Imaizumi

Capri Records (2010)

With countless jazz CDs of original material by young, up-and-coming artists, jazz journalists and broadcasters can feel overwhelmed trying to uncover the gems among them. But composer/arranger Chie Imaizumi's ability to attract commissioned works and top players to perform her music gives her an edge, as she has been endorsed by veteran musicians. Randy Brecker is featured on flugelhorn in her turbulent "Information Overload," powered by its infectious vamp and spirited ensembles. The emotional ballad "Fear of the Unknown" showcases John Clayton's majestic, singing arco bass along with his precise pizzicato playing. "Sharing the Freedom" is a moving work commissioned by the U.S. Air Force Academy's Falconaires to be played at the 2008 Monterey Jazz Festival. Beginning with a gorgeous hymn-like introduction, it evolves into a peppy soulful setting with great solos by Clayton and alto saxophonist Steve Wilson. The humorous finale is "Fun and Stupid Song," blending Latin rhythms with unpredictable shifts and strong solos, with Scott Robinson being showcased on both sopranino and tenor sax. The future looks very bright for the talented Chie Imaizumi.


Unfailing Kindness

Chie Imaizumi

Capri Records (2007)


*Every decade or so, a gifted composer emerges onto the jazz scene. In the new millennium we have been graced with the joyfully spirited 27-year-old composer, arranger and conductor from Japan, Chie Imaizumi. Chie’s debut recording, Unfailing Kindness, takes us on a musical journey through far-away lands. Every piece tells a story. As she says, “My goal as a composer is to create music that brings happiness and joy to my listeners. My intention is to inspire moods and emotions within my audience that can range from tears of sadness to leaps of joy and laughter.” She continues, “When I create music, I want it to represent a person, place, idea, or feeling. I tailor my melodies and harmonies to fit the moods I want to create. I am not finished with a composition until I can listen to it and honestly feel the emotions that inspire the music.”


Sharing the Freedom

The United States Air Force Academy Band's Falconaires (2011)

US Air Force Falconaires release their new album named after the piece Imaizumi wrote. When she was asked to write a piece for them to play at the Monterey Jazz Festival, she said she looked back and thought of all the stories her grandmother told her. Chie wrote the latter to represent US/Japan relations since the end of WWII.

Watch Youtube Video here (commission premier)


The Long Blue Line

The United States Air Force Academy Band's Falconaires (2017)

" HEY JUDE " - arranged by Chie Imaizumi


The L.A. Treasures Project
Live At Alvas Showroom

Ernie Andrews / Barbara Morrison

Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra - Capri Records (2014)

Music Preparation

Tomb Raider - the Dark Angel Symphony

Tomb Raider - the Dark Angel Symphony

Peter Connelly

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Musical Associate and Music Preparation


Jazziz: Women, Vol. 7

Various Artists

Jazziz (2006)

Primary Artist

Turn Up the Quiet

Diana Krall

Verve Records (2017)

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Kisses on the Bottom

Paul McCartney

Hear Music (2012)

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Play On, Warner Music Group (2014)

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Life Journey

Leon Russell

Blue Note (2014)

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Sundays in New York

Trijntje Oosterhuis

Blue Note/EMI (2011)

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The Good Life

Till Bronner

Sony Masterworks (2016)

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If It Ain't Love

Patrice Jégou

Prairie Star Records (2019)

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En Rose



Pianist - Edith Piaf tribute group


SOU - 奏

Masahiro Nitta(新田昌弘)

King Records (2001)


Voice vol.3

Youichi Hosohata (細畠洋一)


Piano / Keyboard

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