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A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Chie has been providing lessons in Piano, Music Theory, Composition, and Arranging for well over 20 years. She has taught as an Artist in Residence and Creative Artistic Director at institutions such as the California State University Chico, University of Denver, Denver School of Arts and the Pasadena Conservatory of Music to name a few. Her students have spanned the spectrum of age and experience from children to retirees and beginners to advanced musicians.  Courses she has taught include beginning to advanced piano, composition and jazz composition, chords and melody writing, string quartet composition, a capella vocal composition, solo composition, and writing for Big Band at venue concerts.

Chie’s goal as an educator is to have her students experience the pure joy of playing and creating music. She is there to guide them on a journey to discover their unique musical voice and to help them create music that inspires a palette of emotions from sadness to laughter and loneliness to exuberance. When they do find their voice, an entirely new world of personal expression will open for them to explore. This is what Chie ultimately wishes for all her students.

Besides music, Chie loves dogs! She adopted her furry friend Dukessa from the Best Friends Animal Society where she was a volunteer. They remain inseparable and often go for a cappuccino and puppuccino. Chie also takes kickboxing classes and loves a good glass of wine. 

Thank you so much for a wonderful lesson yesterday. I received the Dropbox recorded lesson and I was impressed with myself after listening to it. I liked what I heard!!! I felt very confident that I could actually and ultimately play music!!! Thank you so much for teaching me in the best way. From day one, your assignments are the best ever!!!

I am so motivated and eager to learn!! And I am also patient enough to embrace the process!!

I am so blessed to have met you so I am thanking God for you!!! – Donna, Student

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The following are subjects Chie offers lessons in: 
Piano, Composing & Arranging, Music Preparation (w/Sibelius), Japanese

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