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Produced by Greg Gisbert, Chie Imaizumi and Thomas Burns

Recorded at Mile High Music, Wheat Ridge, CO on Feb 13, 2006

All songs are composed & arranged by Chie Imaizumi : Thousand Pictures Music(ASCAP)

Another Day Lyrics written by Tsunenori 'Lee' Abe

Unfailing Kindness (2007 Capri Records ) Autographed CD

  • Personnel

    Greg Gisbert (trumpet & flugelhorn)

    Ron Miles (trumpet & flugelhorn)

    John Gunther (alto sax, soprano sax, flute, didgeridoo)

    Peter Sommer (tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet, flute)

    Alex Heitlinger (trombone)

    Gary Smulyan (baritone sax & bass clarinet)

    Mike Abbott (guitar)

    Jeff Jenkins (piano & hammond organ)

    Mark Simon (bass)

    Paul Romaine (drums)

    Manavihare "Mimy" Fiaindratovo (percussion)

    Jeremy Ragsdale (vocal) on 7


    1) A Change for the Better (9:01)

    2) The More The Merrier (5:48)

    3) Unfailing Kindness (9:44)

    4) Lonely... (6:25)

    5) Round and Round (7:54)

    6) Adversity (10:37)

    7) Another Day(6:16)


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